Thriving in Trouble Times

Today is the 2nd of October. The year has flown by and the “C” word is approaching Christmas time with the grand children is wonderfully exhausting. This year I will be in better shape. Chemo therapy was officially over the end of August. It’s amazing what a month on No Drugs can do for you disposition. During the seven month of treatment. I had to focus on daily task in a new way. My head was always spinning; I had little sense of balance. I was going to school in the spring taking grounded classes and over the summer I was silly enough to think staying home was the way to go. Mistakenly I took 3 on line classes with a chemo foggy brain. Wow it’s amazing what you can do in the name of foolishness or stubbornness, or drive. Whatever you call it, my divine help pulled me though. Yes I am a believer! I came through. Next I will tell you some of the experiences that required divine intervention. You will laugh, I promise.


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