The Trial of Technology

October 7, 2012

.I am taking an on line class in marketing. It is pushing me, which is a good thing. Creating value, while attracting customers and building relationships is blurry. Not because of chemo, but because of technology. Some of my favorite platitudes tell exactly how I feel about internet marketing. “The secret of your future is hidden in yur daily routine”. Standard (old time)) marketing like TV, newspapers and magazines did not allow immediate feedback. Making myself doing things daily on the computer; is the way to my future, I think. “Everything happens for a reason” I am not sure the reasons always make sense, I am sure this class has a reason in my life, Marketing is everywhere. I have learned it is useful and touches me, in my daily going about it, living that is .Social network sites market in record speed. .With this blog I can market “Me” Though I haven’t decided what about me to market, I have decided to “Go with the flow” Today that is technology. I came into the 21st century kicking and screaming. I have grown. Now I just want to do it! Do what? Get plugged in. Smile  


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