The truth

Today I am non-school related blogging. Sort of, the fact that I am blogging makes it school related since that is where I started. However, I feel less than honest to this point. I am a believer in Christ Jesus. My entire persona revolves around that belief. On purpose I have tried to keep religion out of my writings. That’s the phony part. Doing this gives the reader less than the truth.

I believe in treating people fair. The color of their skin, their sexual orientation, the cultural make up or physical appearance, don’t matter. The religious beliefs of others are just as valid as mine. Saying that is one thing, acting it out daily is another. I try to walk the talk in all areas of my life. Meeting people in the USA is a good starting point for interacting with people of the world. The North West is a true melting pot. Being here makes me happy.

I am not sure how many of my friends and family can view this. Smile. I am still learning the technology, but from this point on I will give the best part of me, while being politically correct. If you feel I am not being me. Please feel free to tell me. Thanks


One thought on “The truth

  1. wow, Mel, so proud of you!!!!! and congrads as you continue to reach your goal in continuing your education…..
    i agree that the north west is a melting pot and we can be easily distracted from TRUTH as we interact with others; however being opening to others is the Christian way. and we must remember that the only way, the true way of Christianity is through Christ.
    continue to move forward……

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