Week Three

October 16, 2012

This is my official weekly post for school. This week we covered web design features, That includes navigating the site.. There are technical names for every component. This is chapter was over my head. It is hard to understand the text, because the e-book printing is so light I need a magnifier with my glasses to see The hard fought battle is mine after achieving a headache from reading with the magnifier. . I got these things from this chapter:  Identifying features on the site like, the tone, the benefits it provides, how to navigate and how easy it is to get the information I want. I have some knowledge of what tags   should be beneficial. I will be able to look at sites and determine quickly if they are clear to me.  Being able to understand if the site is meeting my objective with less frustration is a real plus.. I can decide how trustworthy they are. Because part of my foundation is honesty, it is important that I can see and feel that honesty on the web page. This is another huge step for me. Learning the basics is still scary, but I am learning.


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