Life a marketing challange?

Thriving during trials is the collect common link for these blogs. Platitudes just don’t always fit. Yes I have a couple that would cover this week’s lessons, however I think I will use my life as a analogy for target marketing. The first and most important step is deciding what you are selling. In this case its me. Then who am I marketing to. The professor, of course, and any friends or family who can log in, now that I know you need a login ID and password to follow. Finding that out was one of my trials of late. Trials come in all kinds of sizes and degrees of difficulty. This class surprising is in the middle of my terror zone. “The place where I feel inadequate, unsettled or lost” Learning is what I am doing I am still being dragged towards technology but here is what I have so far:


I have not been engaging in most things internet largely due to fear

Understanding how to decide who the site is targeting, allows me to decide if I even need to bother

Understanding how to navigate the site allows me to determine if the site is comfortable enough to me to engage.

Knowing some of the buzz words helps me feel empowered enough to muddle through

Knowing whatever I do on the net, I need to constantly be aware that I am selling myself is astonishing! (WHY?)……because only using word or sending emails does not prepare me for the many social outlets I am being exposed to. Understanding what they are, and why I use them  helps me to know who I am targeting and what I need to present.

BASICALY, be on my best behavior at all times internet. Ha, what a lesson!   Currently unemployed I am targeting employers who have access to all these social networks.  So, whoever my target market may be at a specific moment, I need to be aware that there is always the possibility for what I am saying to be viewed in another setting.  Yet another terror zone.



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