Here I am again thriving in times of trouble. I voted by mail last week. I also got a much needed part time job. My new put is training me just fine. I have made it through midterms. My grandchildren have asked me to take them to church with me every Sunday. I do that so there is no day of rest for me at this time of semi-retirement. Life is exciting, scary and a little unsettling all at once. School is preparing me for a future of FULL retirement to run my own business from home. I am taking business administration classes and medical encoding. I realize I need to work one to two years for an established medical billing firm then I can work from home. Do some true Nesting? That is the newest term for not leaving home.  Going to the “city”, Tacoma will be nice because I do not have to go. After 11 years of commenting to Seattle having “Town”, Yelm so close to me, I am looking forward to the day when that is as far as I need to go for anything. One mile     How I see the triumph


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