This is a test

I recently read in a devotional that we spend  eight months of our life opening junk mail, a year and a half looking for lost items ( that’s 2 ½ years for me smile) and a whopping five years standing or waiting in various lines. That made me think of what I was doing when I wasn’t doing those things.I can clearly see the mistakes I made. The times when “my judgment was a little foggy. Those; CONSEQUENCE that were a result of MY choices, I understand the cause and effects my father described. His said “ if you make your bed hard, you lay in it.” That doesn’t seem as ridiculous as it once did! This all matters as this quarter winds down and I am gearing up for those blessings called finale papers and tests. I learned a whole new jargon dedicated to  being on line. I even understand and know how to do some of the things I can say. School is a choice I am making. This is a DO-OVER The long hours and late nights of study are choices. The most rewarding consequences of this choice is my self-esteem. When I don’t perform well, it amazes me how life goes on. This is when I find myself in an emotional trial; of self-worth and accomplishment. You know those negative thoughts that knock us down. I choose not to become pessimists, disempowered, or depressed but to make the best of a bad situation. I give myself attitude adjustments more then I care to publicly acknowledge. Hindsight has proven to me that triumphs come in multiple forms. It can be, one class, one test,  or one step at a time. For me those are baby steps.


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