A brief trial , an emotional triumph

It’s hard to believe this is the last required post. Not sure if this will be my last yet. The trial this week is naming one time I have received great customer service. That is a hard one for me. I think you get what you put out in life. I have always waited for the new person on the cash register. I let folks in when there is a line of cars, or hold the door open for a guy with his hands full. So receiving great service is normal. I am not taking it for granted. I start every encounter, every day with a smile. Brightening someone else’s day is a way of life. Since you get what you expect, it’s hard to surprise me because I expect to feel good, give a smile get a smile and be happy.

One Sunday after church, my granddaughter and I went to Wingers for lunch. Walking in to be seated my feet went from under me. No liquids on the floor. No drinks in me. No slippery shoes. Just an unexpected hard fall The staff rushed to help me. The hostess knows me by sight (we exchange smiles; I am a frequent flyer at the restaurant. Two true surprises the hostess bought me ice for my knee (recently replaced) then gave me her phone number.  She asked me to call just to say how I was doing. Second the manger and three customers also gave me their phone numbers. Everyone was solicited. My granddaughters were shaken by my tears…. but like true preteens wanted to stay and eat. The manger picked up lunch, followed desert, then an email, asking how I was. There was no law suit everyone (but my grandchildren) saw me holding back tears. They all helped me keep the girls calm. I hurt when I left, but was thankful for the service, concern and assistants. Nothing felt like “customer service”. I thought I was among friends


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