Ok, the bottom line from last week is I have a patent, not a patient. For every correction, I smiled. It’s wonderful when people care enough to correct you. Even though it was so painful, I cried myself to sleep,   just joking, but……I did enlist Prof Readers. I want to put my best foot forward, not in my mouth.  By popular response it’s decided, I will post once a week. I will report on my progress and get your thoughts, concerning the moves I am making. That makes each of you an advisor. Though this position has no salary, the satisfaction and joy levels for you are high, knowing you helped. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy doesn’t it? You can use your “pay it forward” or” random act of kindness” cards for the week. Maybe we should have a contest for the most helpful suggestions in a month. What do you think?

Introducing a new product by getting help from you is called “crowd sourcing”.  Your direction directs my actions. (Concept corrections welcome) If I have this wrong, don’t blame Pierce College. This means, WE are marketing genius, cool huh?

Last week I handed out some “socks” with surveys to be returned after a couple weeks. I will share comments with you later. Yes good and bad. Also I have a “booth partner” now… This week we are signing up for bazars, fairs etc. during this Holiday season

Please tell me, do you think business savvy, written and oral skills, is necessary to run a business? Can you run a business by having others do what you are not good at.?  How do you feel about starting with bazars etc.?

 I will share pictures of KIC soon as I figure out how to get from point A to here. I am technology challenged. Really!

Smiles and Hugs


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  1. You are doing great! Bazaars are a good way to start I think 🙂 It is an easy way to see if products are going to succeed or crash and that is still not going to be perfect. It will get feedback though. I was able to distribute one of the socks and surveys. However, I am not sure he will remember to use it. He did say the floor at the V A is very slippery and he will try it out there but that will not be until the 12th of this month. I tried to give the other one away also but the person uses a Miss Daisy that has four wheels 😦 I will keep trying to find someone that needs it.

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