Happiness; a mannor of travel.

                          “Happiness is not a state of mind you arrive at. but a mannor of travel.”

Dissapointment plus Fear equals what in lifes journes? What in my journey will bring this  project to fulfilment?

This week’s answer… take a step away from the issues. I am going to enjoy  time with people I care about, do yard work; hug my puppy;  paying bills, and get reeady for school next week

Remember when I asked you not sto share plattitudes?  I am glad you did anway. Heres a few.

“Anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

“Go with the flow”

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles”

What is the answer and what does this all mean?  It means I am on this journey for the long haul, I will pass the endurance test.  Please continue to travel with me.

Smiles and hugs


2 thoughts on “Happiness; a mannor of travel.

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