Information; can there be to much or is there ever enough?

This has truly been a week of mixed emotion. You know the kind, an emotional roller coaster. You are loving life one moment, questioning life the next. I learned a lot at a business workshop on Wednesday. The business model I am establishing was reinforced and validated.  Letting me know Pierce College is teaching me the right things. You want to know what had the biggest impact (and most surprising) on me?

First answer these questions. How many of us keep seeking knowledge we already have? Do you second guess yourself? I do. Is it possible taking in to much information makes second guessing possible? In all the excitement to get this bit of knowledge, never did it occur to me to look within, to trust myself.

I trust God. When I have peace about something, I know he is working in me. So tell me this, why am I seeking the same information from strangers  that I am being given by folks I am in relationships with?

 This is what I learned.

I need to pay attention to the information I have and use it before seeking more.

I will trust God, seek him first knowing everything else will follow. Today  I am standing still, reflecting, being quiet, so I can hear….the voice of comfort and direction

Tell me what you think.   Smiles and Hugs may they be abundantly available to  you


2 thoughts on “Information; can there be to much or is there ever enough?

  1. Lemmel….dear, dear Mello ❤ You have so much instinctive wisdom and don't even realize it! This journey you are on is probably teaching you more than you realize! Reach inside and grab the knowledge of your heart and soul….follow through and you will succeed 🙂

  2. I’m happy to hear your business plan has been reinforced through information gained in a business seminar. Congratulations! Keep going forward. And, I think taking time to reflect is “good down time.”

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