A Busy Week

Start of the Dream Team

This business plan is working my brain, 24/7. It requires me to identify my team and their positions. Well I am working on a dream, so late one night or early in the morning… who knows? It occurred to me (yes a scary thought) that I can build a dream team. Wow! At this time pins and paper are everywhere I go in this house, so I picked up pad and started writing. As this process takes more form, I will keep you posted. And please, email me your ideas. Address listed below.

Interviews have started.   Yep, I am interviewing banks.  While working the plan for this, “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”,  it occurred to me, (whenever I say that- you smile…it’s a rule.) that I will require on line purchases. I want a bank that is accessible to me out here in the country and across the nation (remember the type of goal being pursued) . I want face to face service, a payroll (one day) department and assistance with quarterly taxes. So far only one interview has been done, but if I do the entire city that’s 2 banks, 3 credit unions.

And the HUGE blessing for this week is; An entire business wordrobe!  Yep you read right. I was gifted blazers and skirts, suites, slacks by John Myer and Alfred Donner in every color possible. I accept hand me downs up overs and across. There is no shame in my game at all! Now I have no excuses’ for not visiting local medical equipment outlets. I now can dress to fit the image of the business that’s being launched.

Big Week! 

PLEASE SEND ME YOUR IDEAS: kicthejourney@gmail.com

Thanks for your ideas


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