ImageIt’s important that you understand how the KIC can add to your life style. If in my efforts to make that clear, I do not answer your questions, please contact me at:

Another feature, (pictured above) is the choice of two different types of KIC bottoms. One is smooth. For those who prefer to glide, this bottom is for you. It also replaces the need for tennis balls on you walker. And it’s cute! The other KIC bottom has a little resistance. While we make no claim of being skid proof, this second choice may help steady you a little.

The purpose of this blog is to expose a new product to the public. I had no idea or intention of exposing myself. Blogging creates a different kind of profile of the blogger. Your emotions come out no matter what the subject. It’s stuck in my head that I may make psychological mistakes, and these can distort our discussions. Excitement, fear, uncertainty, and the desire to get my point across, all have the ability to contribute in this area. So here I am exposed and ok with that.

Smiles and Hugs


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