Unexpected Excitment

My journey took me in an unexpected direction this week. It’s a video about playing to your strengths called, “Trombone Player Wanted by The Marcus Buckingham Company”. Don’t be fooled or confused by the title. This video gave me a different view of what motivates me. This You Tube link will give you a brief tease of the easy way Marcus tells a story as he delivers messages that make you think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNt7wCS2Yh8

This week has been quietly successful. A sister at church agreed to help with some sewing. It is exciting watching the web site take form.

I have come to terms with exposing myself as I introduce the product. You are watching this business journey, being produced by a whisper, a prayer, and God’s grace. I am participating in bartering, trading favors, excepting help (a hard one), direction and encouragement to take the next step. How scary is that? It’s frightening! These baby steps seem pretty darn big!

I am in school however, I will respond to each of you as fast as I can (darn homework gets in the way-grin).  Any volunteers that want to help me answer emails? Grin

I am thriving on your input, keep it coming. kicthejourney@gmail.com

Smiles and hugs


3 thoughts on “Unexpected Excitment

  1. This is a journey, stay open and excited, there are ups and down when you are birthing something. It all pays off in the end. RIDE IT OUT

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