Another Start

Last Saturday was exciting. I came in contact with a new sub culture of people. My sell-mate (did you get it?) has a few different items, each useful. This was the first Holiday Bazar for both of us.  She covers the children and the kitchen. She had good sales. 

 I cover floors.  I did not have good sales. Actually I had none. Not be daunted, I did learn. I watched serious sellers come in, unpack, and set up with precision that would make the military take notice. The atmosphere of friendly competition gets admiration from me. Lots of handmade items displayed show casing quality work.  I felt like I was in the midst of stars! I began to believe that like the little engine said, “I think I can, I think I can” climb this hill from idea to name recognition for this future high demand, widely used product. 

 There was a steady stream of interest in the KIC. Several requests for cards or contact information.  I am gaining ground in the effort to let the public know, KIC is here. Giving information about why it should be used, how simple it is to use, and what benefits are a result of its use is becoming a natural statement, because of practice, like I had on Saturday. 

 A couple of ladies gave me an idea I am passing this on to you. If you sew or know someone who does, think about earning a few extra dollars in your spare time doing piece work.  This invitation is extended to the South Sound for now, Tacoma, Lakewood, Puyallup, Spanaway, Lacy, and Olympia. Let’s get a conversation started. 

One amazing thing about this journey is the people I am meeting, some coming into my life, for life. Others’ are passing through some part of this journey, dropping influence, making a mark and then they are gone. Each one matters. 

Smiles and Hugs  


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