We’re back !

Wow! This time has been truly challenging. I must be doing something right for so many things to come against.me. l

Email: A fellow named Solomon Yawo, hacked me. He is listed as living on the east coast, but he changed my language to Arabic. It was not bad getting him off of and locked out of my personal email, but getting the language back to English is STILL an ongoing problem (1 week later), so I closed that account and opened another one. Solomon was trying to scam my friends and family, but he did me a service of sorts. Many called to check on me. I ended up connecting with folks I have not talked to in a while.  We had short catch up conversations, each one blessed my heart. I have so much gratitude for those who called. Our father is good, what one meant for harm, presented me with demonstration of care, concern, love and laughter. Thanks Lord.

Mid terms; challenging as ever on their own merit, but with a little help form Solomon a few systems seemed to work slower or different (could be all in my mind), which made the frustration level rise. But….school is progressing fine!

Lesson; There is always something going to come up to try and derail us. Life needs to continue to move ahead in grace, love and determination. Easy to say, not so easy to walk in. however the journey for KIC to achieve the level of success, it deserves, will overcome challenges, respectfully, with grace, determination and your prayers.

We are back on track!

Smiles and Hugs      kicthejourney@gmail.com



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