ImageMy dog got killed tonight

He went out to use the bathroom, and did not come back. I went looking for him and found him on the side of the road. I was mad. He was alive. I got my sister who flagged down a couple of wonderful guys who helped us put him in the car. He raised his head and we smiled at each other. He did not move his body, but he was glad we were there

He was alive at Pacific and the Roy Y. I stopped to put one of my sweaters under his head. I sang to him and kept feeling him on the way to the Vet on 56th street. He stopped breathing between 72nd and 56th street. I was sad. They pronounced him when I got there. He will be cremated with other pets and scattered at the base of Mt. Rainer. He will not be alone.  That makes me happy.

He knew I was there, but my sister rounded out our pack. We were with him and prayed for him. He knew we were with him. That’s important. We were a pack He was not alone in his pain. I miss him so much already. Most of the time  Tigger and I just watched each other, we did not talk. We felt each other. I feel empty. Tears keep coming. I hurt physically. But….. he is not in pain. Did I say I am sad. I am numb, and sad? The tears keep coming. Tigger is ok, I’m ok.

I am sending hugs only this week, I don’t feel much like smiling right now.


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