Progressing through Changes

HydrangeasIt was an interesting week. I meet with a person, who sews like an angle. An embroidery machine sang nosily in the background as we exchanged ideas. We got so caught up talking about the product, how it is constructed, what improvements may add to the value, on and on, we let time got away from us, as hours flew bye. Good company, stimulating conversation, batting ideas back and forth proved to be a blessing. It was absolutely needed, it helped dull the ache of losing my puppy. I left feeling energized. A run on sad feelings changed to renewed excitement.
As interesting a meeting that was, my meeting with a lawyer was also a chart topper.. While discussing the matter at hand we drifted off point. As we learned a bit about each other, I will give you one guess what came into the conversation. If you said the K.I.C. you win! Ding-ding-ding! Smile! How totally gratifying to have a business professional sit forward, ask questions, intently listen, then offer up suggestions with eyes that sparkle As I wrote fast getting some great ideas on paper. An offer to refer me to a local manufacturing company hit the air waves. I almost fell out of my chair. WOW! Be still my heart, because my feet just left the ground. Is it possible something this important could come so easily?

Stay tuned. This journey is progressing in the midst of difficult changes.
Smiles and hugs


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