Moving into a New Year and Mindset

I’ve already stated how much this blog has made me go inward and reflect. Other bloggers, especially those who do this every day, get nothing but my admiration and respect. The amount of effort needed to produce a short blog once a week is quite a bit more than I expected. The rewards are too. 

 The web-site launch has been postponed. My birthday is January 9, is the new target date for my web-site launch. Preparation for the site took second place behind my homework. School is out December 11th so now it’s off to the races. (Wonder who came up with that one?) All bets are off (was it gamblers day for zingers or what?). I have almost a month to put things together for the launch. I really have quite a lot of ground work laid. Pulling it all together is this month’s theme. 

This last month of the year, my emotions, focus and energies are in transition.I know I have many 2014 “hats to wear.” I will be changing from student to business owner, manger, head of all grunt work, and world class employee. Oh, can’t leave out working young lady. My efforts have been overhauled and stepped up. Need money to make money, so I need a job! With all of you watching me and commenting, I am conscious of the accountably I have to myself, the business and you. You make me apply myself in a completely different way. Keep telling me how you feel. What you think matters. 

It feels like I am not alone on this journey. I like the feedback, (even when I don’t like what’s said, it’s good to know) keep it coming. 

May your holidays be blessed, embrace love, enjoy friendship and peace of mind. 

Smiles and hugs 


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