Over spending has become our nation’s way of life. Consumption has bought us to the brink of whatever the current “cliff is”. Many have failed to notice. Sadly I have been guilty of over indulgence. Buying shoes (dah!). What self-respecting person (yep, guys have joined this trend) wants to have “ugly” shoe feet? Whose idea was it anyway to judge you by the shoes you wear? My Professional Development class discussed the importance of good shoes in an interview. Really! This is a basic behavior (purchasing shoes; just because) I am changing. Why? That’s no way to run a business. Imagine, when a goal has been reached. I stop the world to buy a few pair of shoes. (Matching outfits not required) I am thinking (always trouble) maybe one pair per goal reached. Just kidding, Smile. 

I realize as fast as I make a dime. I will be putting a dollar back into K.I.C.; Bringing the company up front as the industry leader in sanitary covers for durable medical walking assisted equipment. Whew, (what a mouth full!). It’s a dream becoming reality, one step at a time. Necessary shoes are already in place. Grin. 

The true meaning of this season seems to have been lost along the way. The meaning of Christmas is between each of us and our conscious. This blog is dedicated to my journey from student to C.E.O.  Removing the one who protects and makes things possible for me is not an option. No pledge of allegiance in schools, because of the “G” word? Killing in schools, I wonder if there is a connection. I and my house, this business…will give honor to God as we move forward. One step at a time; new shoes not included. Pun intended!! I am remembering the reason for the season. Acknowledging the change in my mind set is what I am expressing today. Honestly, do you think me buying fewer shoes will help our nation? 

Smiles and hugs




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  1. Lady Lammell, I loved this post. Shoes should not be to impress. I was a Human Resource Director for 14 years and not once did I pay attention to if the applicant was wearing “Jimmy Cho” or “Armani”. What has this world come to. I am with you, we need to get back to the true meaning of the season. I’m going to attend the Family Candle Light service at the Christian Church down the street. I know as you move forward with your business you’ll be truly blessed. Your company is providing a service that is needed and practical. Merry Christmas my friend and stay warm up there. 🙂

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