Nothing is promised.

Blog 12/21/13

Last Monday there was a terrible accident on Interstate 5 south of Joint Base Louis McCord. A truck caring a trailer crossed the center line, hit a truck and a semi. The semi exploded, killing the driver.  The accident happened about 11:00 am. Drivers SAT until almost 2:30pm when one lane finally opened. Wow! Can you imagine waiting to go to the bathroom? Or having just enough gas to make it home? I went out about 5: pm, it took 25 minutes to travel a quarter mile from my house to the stop sign. Later, coming home my 45 minute trip down the Roy Y took 2 ½ hours. All secondary roads were packed

I am grateful to be alive. Many lives were changed on this day. In the store I heard 5 ladies who were carpooling home from work complaining about traffic. It had taken 4 hours and they were not home yet, normally a 1/ ½ trip. This season makes loss fell devastating. The semi driver did not make it home. Where is the happy, happy, joy, joy in this story? The news reported on people helping other people, there are blessings present in every circumstance

Are you wondering why I am blogging about this accident instead of the journey to launch the business? Keep It Clean; deals with canes, crutches and walkers. How much joy would be felt if the semi driver could walk away from this accident with some assistance? How easy would it have been for this to be you or me? In life, in business I will always take a minute to reflect on, or pray about other people’s circumstances. An attitude of gratitude makes for a more fulfilling journey and an increased awareness of God’s blessings.

Smiles and hugs; and prayers for those injured in the accident.


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