A common misconception- part 2

Last week I shared that disabled and elderly consumers are not the primary consumers using durable medical equipment. Again let me state that increasing use of these assistance devices is impacted by the Baby Boomers 1948-1964 aging, yet generation X 1965-1980, and the millennium’s AKA generation Y 1981-2000 have a high injury rate. When not plugged in or turned on they are engaged in sports or extreme activities .Because lower extremity injuries cross all generations, notice how our children are affected.

For Coaches, about sports medicine rehabilitation, this was presented in June 1,2013. “Cheering is more popular than ever, with more than 500,000 high school girls either cheerleading at sports events or on competitive cheer teams. Unfortunately, it is also more dangerous; cheering accounts for two-thirds of catastrophic injuries among high school female athletes. Cheerleaders, some as young as 6 or 7,  are particularly vulnerable to serious injuries.”



“More sports-related non-fatal injuries are treated in hospital emergency departments than any other type of unintentional injury (1). Approximately 4.3 million sports and recreation-related injuries were treated in hospital emergency departments during July 2000-June 2001 (NEISS-AIP) (1). This represents 15.7% of all non-fatal unintentional injuries, across all ages and genders (Figure 2.1). Among children aged 10-14 years, 46.3% of all non-fatal unintentional injury ED visits was a result of a sports- or recreation-related injury. Although this percentage was lower among adolescents 15-19 years old (31.4%), sports and recreation related injuries in this age group still represented nearly one-third of all ED visits.”



I am sharing these sites to emphasize the likely hood of someone you know being able to benefit from Keep It Clean. Visit these web pages and read more about how to prevent injuries.


Our prayer for you and your family, is to stay safe and injury free.

Smiles and Hugs 

Email; kicthejourney.com


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