Patent protected US 8408223- This money green cover will protect your floors when you come in out of the cold!

Patent protected US 8408223- This money green cover will protect your floors when you come in out of the cold!

A Bit of a Rant!
When a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise? When I receive comments that are contradictive, over-protective, and apprehensive or fear full do they affect me? The answer to both is yes. Do I the comments to stop, no? Your comments about my taking a part time job at a fast food restaurant were surprising.
The SBA has a list of things that need to be in order to finish my business plan and apply for a loan; the list seems to keep getting longer. This part of the journey is absently frustrating. Yet in his infinite wisdom my father has me taking accounting classes which helped me understand “in the meantime”, things need to be done, I need money to do them. So, I have a PT job.
Don’t be concerned about me working. I can. Don’t be afraid I am doing too much, I am not Don’t shake your head about the paths this journey is taking me on. Pray for me. Please do not start a sentence saying “you can’t or it’s a waste of time”. My desertion has been planned. The ways and the means are being provided. My stamina was foreseen long ago. I can step up, step in and hold up my portion of the journey. I am committed to Keep It Clean, (KIC) and the success that is to follow.
This is my truth. Every day it takes a lot out of, and puts more into me .Make that every minute of every day. I am on this journey till the end. I want, and respect your comments, those written and spoken. Please keep them coming. I must believe in me, you can help. Yes I am tough, yet… I do get weary. Your comments weight on me. Sometimes what I read causes a bit of doubt, or causes my spirit to drag. Then, I spend energy to get over myself and move on. Good, bad, or indifferent keep the comments coming. This is learning in the trenches I call it business training 3000.
Life is complicated. People can be confusing. Everything is not fair. Bad things happen to good people. And through it all God remains the same.
Smiles and hugs
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