Everything in my life is turning into a business lesson. I am sure I can give you a sound business argument for brushing my teeth several times a day. However, instead, how about a conversation about some of what I have learned this week.

Putting “Keep It Clean” (KIC) before the public is no longer my journey alone. I am thankful for the ever increasing number of individuals that are stepping in to help. They are at the core of my latest lessons.

They are amazing folks doing things not only out of my comfort zone, but have knowledge over my head in areas where I suffer greatly (or just flat out suck). They are teaching me important skills.

Lesson number one:
I will be required to coordinate some parts of other people’s lives. Realistically, I am not so sure my own life is coordinated. When running my previous business, the janitorial service, everyone came to the office before they started work — everyone came to me. That is not the case now. Getting the patterns and sewing done so pictures can be taken for the website, which constantly needs more work, is nearly a full time job!
Everyone has a life. Each person contributes a special skill, working from their own home or office. Their lives are not always on my time frame. Imagine that! 🙂

Lesson number two:
I like to have things done right now, but that’s something I am getting over. Successfully bringing together all of the moving parts is a big part of my job. Wow! Did I really sign up for this? Meeting everyone where they are and working with their different personalities, life-styles, temperaments, time frames and locations is keeping me awake at night. It’s exhausting! But it’s also exciting! I constantly wonder what’s next? That’s the truth, crazy as it sounds, but I love the challenge, the constant hurdles to overcome, and yes, the sleepless nights. Tell me what you think.

Smiles and Hugs


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