Another Small Step

Another Small Step

March, “in like a lion out like a lamb”. During Spring break, I actually took a break. I curled up with a non-text book reading it straight through. It’s been two years of text books only. I also took this time to do a couple of different things. Two words describe how this felt. Relaxed and content. Blessings for Keep It Clean (KIC) wondered in at this time.
My degree requires me to complete a work study internship. This connected me to a man that has started a fantastic training, work, food producing program. Out of the box wonderful!! What I thought (oops) was an informal meeting with him in Tacoma, actually was a panel interview with the Director and President of a Foundation he is partnering with. This reinforced the idea that you can do what you believe in, even if the idea is new.

I attended a meeting in Seattle at the Partner Café. This concept of bring business people, unemployed, heads of different organizations together in one place, sharing what they do and what they need is the heart of one woman.. I saw a Goodwill reprehensive get excited about a Russian origination that helps displaced seniors. A young unemployed veteran got an application with DSHS during the meeting. Watching this group share resources was awesome. Renewed the idea that one person can make a difference.

In Yelm I took a tour of a candy manufacturing facility that out grew the garages of the two women, dubbed by the Shark Tank TV show as the grandmas. They employ more than twenty people in a no space wasted facility, in the community where they live. They .inspired me by showing you can do big things in little spaces. These encounters, each sparked ideas in my head and heart. They show what true entrepreneurship is and what it can achieve..
The lion that started the month with quarter finals, and the challenge of a new job, ended as a lamb leading me to people with vision, determination, and heart for what they believe in. I plan to share more with you about these three ventures. Thanks for being a part of this journey.

Smiles and Hugs


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