a little bit too much, a closing of this season

a little bit      too much, a closing of this season

The realization that I cannot do it all, has been a tough one to embrace. I thought I was supper woman for a long time, now I am WOMAN! It is not as bad as it seemed it would be.I am now a member of a group of folks that largely work where they want when they want on their own terms or none. Retirees that need a few dollars here and there are a brand new statistical part of the workforce. I work a little, less than 20 hours a week. The physical exertion of working a job that keeps me on my feet, and moving has reaped benefits of more stamina, and… more fatigue.

Taking a few college courses has culminated in an AA degree in Business Administration. Yep this June I will have gotten there a little bit at a time. A little tearing out my hair, that is quietly graying. A little crying because I don’t understand, which buttons to push on all thins technical. A little gratitude for my Running Start class mates. They have become children, grandchildren and friends. Their tireless explanations, smiles, hugs and thank you ma’am, for the mother wit and patience I have imparted to them, as we grew together. The time it took them to train me about todays world has been a joy.. Who is ma’am, anyway? What happened to Oh Mama? Amazing how things change.

I am not so constantly (for now) working my business. Between test and homework, and oh yeah my JOB, I do a little here and there. Not enough for me, just what I can handle now. The business venture I see, requires more. Like a lover who gives you “space to grow and be who you are”, as long as their needs are meet. Then has attitude and demands for you, pouting that a little time is not enough. Keep It Clean (KIC), is like a jealous lover.

A little bit of time here, a moment there. gets the jobs done, moves life along, shows slow -steady progress bu…., all together this and that is too much to do. Too many balls in the air. This is not a complaint…. It’s a dedication to God for blessing me with what it took to get from point A, though the alphabet and see light shining over Z. I am still doing too much, even just for this season, but a change is coming. KIC will move forward. I am expecting big hairy audacious blessing to come. For all the times you have encouraged, talked to, yelled at, prayed for or simply smiled at me THANK YOU! I am still on the journey, still need you in my corner. Life is wonderful. A little bit at a time, does not make me to tired, its rewarding having things come together. Its rewarding to have a solid AMEN corner. Its awesome to have your support..

Smiles and Hugs


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